Top Blogs in Web Analytics

Avinash Kaushik has recently published his top 10 Web Analytics Blogs. And while I am not on that list, it is interesting to see the emerging debate that it has sparked. The ranking factors for Avinash’s list are comprised of some wrangling of Feedburner subscribers and Technorati rank. But let’s face it ranking anything in the world of analytics is like throwing red meat to an audience of hungry rottweilers. So kudos to Avinash for a brilliant idea. While I do not expect to be on Avinash’s list any time soon, it is nice to see that the number and quality of web analytics blogs is gowing and changing. This is such a great industry to be a part of.

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2 thoughts on “Top Blogs in Web Analytics”

  1. I should start a blog, I may very well have found one that I can update more than. :)

    You’ve made the list thanks to Dennis’s slight change in terms, way to go.

  2. That did not escape my attention. That has to be because of my paltry SEO skills more than any authority on web analytics.

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