Yo! Yo!

My friend at work has a yo-yo. It wasn’t a nice yo-yo. It was a gimmicky yo-yo. Seeing that yo-yo took me back to a simpler time when I could forget my troubles as a youth whiling away the hours in a state of yo. I attempted to show him a trick with it. The classic and very easy monkey-climbing-the-tree but instead I broke the yo-yo. Here is a picture of the broken yo-yo.
broken yo-yo
Because of a tangle in the line right at the axle the yo-yo won’t sleep, so now it is mostly useless. I decided that the right thing to do is buy my friend a replacement yo-yo like this.
shiny new yo-yo
I haven’t decided whether I am going to buy it for him or not.

In any case as I searched this internet of ours for some things related to yo-yos I thought it would be cool if I could find a video clip of the Smothers Brothers, because they played with yo-yos. Instead I found something that is deucedly cooler. Asian kids who know yo-yo tricks. (You need Google video viewer. Get it HERE)
Then there is this video about yo-yoing.

She ees Beeauteeful!

Well, my wife let me drive the new car to work today. It was a nice experience. I have never owned such a new car in all my life. Of all the cars I have ever purchased this is the only one that was not at least 8 years old.

Here is another picture of the real thing.
Brings a tear don't she

Anyhoo, now that I got that out of the way, I went to a very interesting class today on project management. I won’t bore you with the details, but I will say that I learned a thing or two about estimating time on a project.

I have been listening to a new CD. I know a couple of the guys who made it.

A friend of mine has been on a classic rock renaissance so I have been listening to some Journey as well.

As Journey so memorably sang “Don’t Stop Believin'”

Who’s gonna ride your wild horses

Indeed as our last commenter pointed out. The deal was sealed Saturday evening, and the car has become mine. Negotiations were tense. Tensions were high. Highs were lows,and lo the car was purchased.

After test driving the car again, my wife and I spent a few minutes working through our thoughts on the car. Once we had a consensus we went into the office to talk.

I had prepared for this moment by reading this site.

Ken mentioned that this was a good time of month to buy a car. It was July 31st. I didn’t believe for a second.
He asked what it would take to earn my business. A strange question, but I knew he wanted a number from me, and I was ready.

I hit him with a low round number. He slowly sucked the air back into his lungs. He casually readjusted a picture of his small children on his desk, and tromped off to see the “Sales manager”.

He asked if they could get the financing. I said I would consider it, but I gave him an APR to beat.

Then he left and pretended to be in serious talks with the “Sales Manager”. Now everyone who has seen Fargo will know that they don’t actually have to do this, it is just a part of the great oral tradition passed down to all salesmen.

After a few visits with the “Sales Manager” I pretty much got my price and the financing terms I wanted. All said, I probably gave away my shirt on the deal somehow, but for now I will think that I was a pretty masterful negotiator.

Let that be a lesson to all y’all. . .

Ahh the need to buy a new car

I went down to the Volvo dealership today. I was surprised that no one rushed out to greet me. Apparently, the salesman prefer the standoffish ways of their european brethren. I perused the lot for a while, and waited to be preyed upon. Nobody came. I started to get upset. Where was the hungry salesman ready to con me into a sweet ride for too much money. Eventually, I took a chance and wandered into the showroom. A couple of middle age guys saw me and came over. I told them I wanted to look at a Volvo and they seemed to ease up a bit. Then I wanted a used Volvo and they pointed the way to the used lot next door. (to be fair the car dealer guy did walk me over and hand me off to the used car guy, Ken. He was pretty easy going. I got the impression that he didn’t really care whether I bought the car or not. (I liked him instantly). Here is a picture of the car I want to buy.
This might be my car

I test drove the s40 but the s60 is nicer and has nicer body lines. I have liked that body style since it came out back in 2001. Too bad it will be my wife’s car. Oh well, I can still drive it on the weekends, IF we buy it. Just in case Ken is reading this.

Who needs to lose weight

I went to the West Side Market the other day, and they have a huge scale to weigh livestock. So I jumped on there to see where I tipped the scales. I weighed 238 pounds. Now that doesn’t seem like too awfully much but it is definitely higher than it needs to be. I have been thinking of ways to motivate myself to lose weight. Once I come up with a good solution I will get on the weight loss bandwagon and shed hopefully 38 of those pounds. We will see. Sometimes being a consultant and sitting at a desk 24/7 is bad for the old metabolism.

I am one good intention away. . .

First Post, Dawg.

Wow, Here I am with a new blog. My last one died a slow painful death. But this one I promise I will take care of better. Including adding some links, and pointing out little foibles about people I meet along life’s journey. This is gonna be great.

I am going to try to figure out what my blog should be about. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…