Crushed by Opportunity

I am posting this solely as a means to get me writing again. I have been stepping up my experience and learning in web analytics so much over the past six months, and there is so much to share but the sheer amount of things to write about works against writing at all. So, today I just turned on the Royksopp and started typing. In a small quest to provide something of value here is a list of blogs I have been getting a lot out of lately.

Ok, let’s hope that this little exercise is the catalyst I am hoping it will be.

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3 thoughts on “Crushed by Opportunity”

  1. I think your typo “adplications” is brilliant. And all four of those links are amazing. In fact, (being at the office on a Sunday) I’m using your post as an excuse to print out a bunch of those links and just go home and do some thinking.

  2. The adplications name is one I lifted from Jonathan Mendez’s site. And I agree, all of these blogs deserve a good deal of consideration.

  3. As a member of your loyal fan base (read: family), I just want to say, keep up the good writing and even if you don’t always have a catalyst, try to find a dogalyst. or mouse-alyst. = )

    I think you pointed me toward Seth Godin’s blog back in the day and I have appreciated the referral, so you’re contribution is substantiated.

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