Was Leaving Britney Alone the Right Thing to do?

Warning: This post has nothing to do with web analytics.

As Britney Spears’ life has seemed to spiral out of control, I have thought a lot about it. And while I don’t want this to come off as a sort of “shame on all of us” type of post, I am thinking that someway somehow we got a close up view of a person making consistently poor choices that eventually led to the loss of custody of her children, hospitalization in a psych ward, and the complete destruction of her reputation in the world media.

Although I have never been a fan of Britney’s music, I was intrigued by her fast rise to success. What is the impact on a person’s psyche of being a sex icon before you are even an adult? And as she became an adult, where do you take it from there? The Madonna kiss, etc…? Then the fairly rocky marriage to a guy leveraging his marriage into a career.

What happened? In my life, I have people who will grab me by the shoulders and say something if I am getting off track. Maybe that is what Britney was missing, or maybe she couldn’t trust those people because they were the same friends and family that had profited from her rise to fame. Obviosuly, all speculation.

At the end of the day, I feel bad for Britney Spears. She has to own her choices and live with them, but it is sad for us as a society to see someone go down in flames like that. It makes me thankful for the support structure that I have.

Holy Crap I haven’t posted for a while

Post about not posting recently

This is the first post in February. Suffice it to say that I have been super busy.

  • I helped a national brand create measurement for all of their online marketing campaigns.
  • I led an effort to create a complete online marketing strategy for a major financial institution.
  • I watched many hours of NBC Olympics coverage

Life has been busy. So how have you been?

Here is a link to a funny post over at Wolf-Howl

have you ever pictured Google like this?

wolf howl, too busy to post

Some Problems with IE

I have noticed some problems with IE and the Style sheet I have chosen for this site. It looks like it is a conflict because of the size of some images I have posted to my blog in previous posts.

And since I am by no means a stylesheet guy, I am going to have to post a bunch of posts so that they drop off the main page. Then only the archives will be totally screwed up and I can live with that for a while. I found out last night that Head First HTML
has been released. Maybe I should buy that and figure out what the heck I am doing on this here internet.

Hmmm, I think maybe I will wait till I can borrow it from a coworker.

U2 Brutus

In deference to my one and only New Year’s Resolution, I went to see the U2 concert on Saturday night. We arrived at the venue right after the opening act had finished. Various technicians fussed about with the stage setup for about a half an hour. There was a girl next to me from Wooster and from Georgia whose friends had just called her that day to invite her to the show. The atmosphere was electric. I was calling friends of mine, who were situated around the arena, to trade notes on view of the stage and any other tidbits that passed for interesting.

Eventually, the lights went down and the crowd went up, and long ago someone left with the cup… oh wait that’s another band.

Bono takes us to new Elevation

Anyway, U2 took the stage. The crowd erupted and with the practiced grace of a seasoned veteran Bono coached us through the first few numbers.

I was enthused. I was electrified. I was stuck in a moment that I couldn’t get out of. Interestingly enough, and this is often the case with me, I ran out of emotions before the show was half over. I have felt this way before; running out of emotion before the experience is over. But I have to admit that I was surprised. This is not to say that I did not enjoy the show. It was everything I expected and more.

In the final analysis, it was well worth the price of admission $95.
Here are my highlights.

Best Song: Elevation, Sometimes You Can’t Make it on Your Own
Best Moment: When Bono took a little girl’s gum in his hand after he asked her to take it out. Also, when the roadie had to keep Bono from missing the mic after he had blindfolded himself for dramatic effect.
Best Quote: “We love you Larry.” – Repeatedly yelled by the woman sitting next to me.
Best Fan: A dude in front of us was so drunk that he fell on the people in front of him, and his dancing was priceless.
Best Display of Rock Mastery: When Bono took two circuits around the entire stage at a full sprint and still managed to have enough breath to finish the song.
Worst Moment: The uncomfortable feeling when a woman Bono invited on stage to sing to could not keep her hands off of him in a strangely inappropriate way. I can’t even remember the song.

Bono Belts out awesome tunes

To see what some other people in attendance that night thought of the show, Click Here

What’s Your Favorite Music

Am I the only one left who can remember a time when we had our favorite artists. Back in the 80s, when visiting Quebec I met a girl whose english was practically non-existent but she knew these words, “My idol, Michael Jackson.”

Nowadays, of course, it is too complicated. We all say, “Anything but country and rap.” This is untrue because some rap is cool and there are a couple of good country songs (I can’t think of any right now but you get my point). I wonder if we really do have a favorite artist still or have we been forced out of favorites in favor of a broad spectrum of favorites based on our mood?

Cool new service

I found a music service via Seth Godin’s blog. It is called Pandora. The concept is that by taking components of music that you enjoy they can suggest new songs that you have never heard that you will also enjoy. I have to say that they are pretty good at what they do. This is a great example of people taking something they love to do and creating a valuable business idea from it.
Pandora user interface

Hows that for a little bit of insight into my musical tastes sometimes.

Pretty slick. This actually reminds me of the mid 90’s when I discovered broadcast.com. Eventually, of course, they got bought out by Yahoo, then it got corporatized, and then it sucked.

I hope this one continues to be cool. I think that eventually they are going to put commercials on it.

Freeze punk. . .

Make my day
Here is the middle of the week. I just Saw Aeon Flux. It was funny because whenever film people try to mimic a cartoon they usually end up looking funny. In the words of Charlize Theron, “Amateurs”.

In any case, the story line is one that has some sci-fi merit, but the I believe that the creators of this film were trying too hard to remain true to the original while working with an entirely different medium. The result was a slow moving action movie that had Charlize Theron in it. Hardy Har Har.