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In the field of digital analytics there is a fatal conceit of thinking that adding this or that technology solution will solve the major problems of lack of insight and value in digital measurement initiatives. This is a problem in other industries as well, but in a vendor dominated industry like digital analytics it is especially true. That is so wrong. Only in conjunction with amazing people can a technology or tool really have a profound impact. That hard fought truth is usually learned because you are a smart person who managed to create good results with bad tools, and then saw your tools get better slowly over time as organizational focus caught up to your ability.

And when I talk to analysts, one of the things I always hear is frustration. Frustration with the limitations of their own companies, frustration with the limitations of their technology, frustration with their inability to make a difference even though they are committed and passionate about what they do.

Satellite by Search Discovery is a tool and technology, but what it exists to do is facilitate the active measurement of a company’s digital platforms in a way that is accessible to a marketer. Let’s face it, we aren’t all data scientists or Javascript wiz kids with the ability to write code from the ground up and then turn around and explain the resulting output to a board of directors in a way they can understand. So in the meantime we do our best with tools that will help us where we are deficient.

Satellite is the bionic technical arm that when paired with a smart business analyst becomes an unstoppable digital analytics force. You can write code if you want to, but with Satellite you don’t HAVE to.

That is why I joined Search Discovery. I want to empower this generation of analysts with the best tools to accomplish the greatest results.

So if you became a Satellite customer, we wouldn’t transform your digital measurement initiatives. You would. We would just be helping.

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